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MAGNIF-EYE serum - Germaine de capuccini
MAGNIF-EYE serum - Germaine de capuccini

MAGNIF-EYE serum - Germaine de capuccini

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Intensifying Serum for Lashes and Eyebrows

What is the secret of your look?
Infinite eyelashes + thick eyebrows
Turn the volume up!

2 weeks to show stronger and longer eyelashes and thicker, denser eyebrows.

Highly compatible with eyelash extensions.

Magnif-Eye Intensifying Serum for Lashes and Eyebrows develops a comprehensive action strategy. Amplifies your look and your face gains expressiveness thanks to its powerful cocktail of ingredients with synergistic action.


Optimises the life cycle. Promotes and prolongs the natural growth phase, while stimulating the formation of keratin. Besides, it optimises the anchor of lashes reducing its falling (Matrikine Lash and Lipo-oligopeptide).

 Provides volume and enhances beauty in an immediate way. Utmost hydration and nutrition; lashes and eyebrows appear thicker, denser, showing greater suppleness and elasticity and being even more protected against atmospheric agents. When applied as a primer, it sublimates makeup (Hyaluronic Acid and Provitamin B5 -panthenol-).

– Combats chronological aging of the hair follicle.  It accelerates its natural repair process and defies the degeneration of the hair growth produced with aging (Epigenetic Factors of Stem Cells encapsulated in Liposomes).

Presentation:  With a double applicator, it goes directly to the root. On the one hand the precision brush covers hair by hair. On the other hand its brush for eyebrows is of high definition.

93% more amplified eyelashes*.
76% denser, thicker, more defined eyebrows*.
83% visible results in 2 weeks**.

*Self-evaluation test carried out on 29 volunteers between 33 and 64 years of age.
**In-vivo test carried out on 12 volunteers between 20 and 60 years of age.

Dermatological and ophthalmologically tested.

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